• Art/Story: Wann
  • Genre: Romance
  • Rating: 16+
  • Imprint: NETCOMICS
  • First Updated: 09/04/06 Completed: 10/22/06

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Manhwa Novella Collection- an anthology of shorter works from the most prominent Korean comic authors! Volume 2: "9 faces of Love" contains nine popular shorter works by Wann, the author of "Can't Lose you"

Wann's colorful short takes on love depict the most vexing of human emotions in all its guises:

- Ch.1: Return of Princess Rouana
- Ch.2: Believe Ye Your Eyes?
- Ch.3: A Short Game about a Chance Encounter
- Ch.4: Automaton
- Ch.5: A Cold
- Ch.6: Purple Eyes
- Ch.7: Leucadian
- Ch.8: Mint Flavor
- Ch.9: A Flying Lesson
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02/28/09 01:42

I really liked this book. The art is as beautiful as I've come to expect from Wann, and the stories are lovely and original. I especially loved "Return of Princess Rouana", "A Short Game about a Chance Encounter", and "Automaton". "Purple Eyes" and "A Flying Lesson" were nice, but I would have liked to see more stories like first 3. Over all, I had a great time reading "9 Faces of Love" and will be buying the book just to have it in my collection. The art is so much prettier on paper.

09/02/08 12:18

I love Wann. She's such a great artist. And her stories are always interesting and oh-so-romantic! I really liked Story 3. Very interesting--you think it's going to end and they're gonna have a happy ending, but it keeps going to what if... You gotta appreciate the creativity.

I didn't know Wann did horror too. I was reading that chapter late at night, and I got a little freaked. Totally unexpected.

05/03/08 05:15
I liked it but...

I couldn't see myself ever buying the book. I liked the first 5 chapters and the final chapter but not enough that I want to read them over and over and over again. If I had purchased this book in the bookstore; I might have been a little disappointed. I could have done without chapters 6-8 completely.

Thanks soo much Netcomics for making these titles available online. If everyone did that I wouldn't waste soo much money on books that I will never read again.

01/13/08 01:22
umm ok

i liked the variety and the artwork is top notch but in not sure i would buy the book. the storys were decent but not fantastic and i did not like most of them only two or three.

10/05/07 00:09

i only liked the 1st story. all the others were lacking.