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Julian, a freshman, becomes obsessed with Darren, a handsome student whom he encounters at only the strangest hours at night. Little does he know, Julian is slowly drawn into a wicked plot of betrayal that will lead him to the other side. Meet Alice, a young and lonely medical student, who invites Becky, a beautiful and sexually experimental English graduate student, to live with her in a possibly haunted house. As Becky draws Alice out of her shell, Alice suspects that Becky is secretly stealing her identity. But Becky s plot is way beyond Alice s imagination. Then there's Sarah, a fifth year senior with a loving boyfriend. As she struggles with her eating disorder and explores her psychosis with a campus therapist, her senses become heightened. She starts hearing voices and sees five ghostly women stalking her. These ghostly visions lead her to a violent and unexpected conclusion that reveals much more than a murder.
Quentin Lee is a distinctive filmmaker. He has directed Shopping for Fangs (1997), Drift (2000), Ethan Mao (2004), The People I've Slept With (2009), and Flow (1995) a feature collection of his shorts. He has also written a novel titled Dress Like a Boy.

John Hahn is a graphic artist based in Los Angeles. After penciling and inking a Dungeons and Dragons comic book, he went on to create a comic strip called "Electric City" for La Brea Living.
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07/17/09 19:31
genre busting

I'm delighted to find a scary piece on Netcomics. I enjoy the characters so far... and I think the genre caught me by surprise. I'm pretty sure that Julian is into boys, right?

The storytelling reminds me of a J-horror picture, while the art reminds me of American comics. It's an interesting hybrid. Plus I like the queer angle. Looking forward to the next chapter =)

07/16/09 21:40
I'll be back for more.

The introduction paragraph alone got me interested!
I like that this is another book with colored images. It's certainly an interesting start. I'll be back to read more and see where the plot goes!

07/15/09 10:49
interesting start

They've set up a good suspense story in the first couple of chapters. I wonder how the fraternity plays into all this. Does the clock tower have some history? Or perhaps it's just all a prank. I'm interested to see where the story goes from here. Keep it up!