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  • Art/Story: Kazumi Tohno
  • Genre: Romance
  • Rating: 13+
  • Imprint: NETCOMICS
  • First Updated: 08/15/07 Completed: 12/02/07

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cm0 tells the story of a romance between a university student, Hasumi, and a young woman, Miharu—who also happens to be Hasumi's professor. Miharu is engaged, but after hearing rumors about Miharu with Hasumi, Miharu's fiancé begins to suspect foul play and breaks off the relationship, claiming to have met another girl. Newly single and somewhat lost in her own life, Miharu finds comfort in the arms of Hasumi, never truly believing that the whims she follows while on the rebound will have any lasting effects. Through a series of chance encounters, misunderstandings, and realizations, all told with thoroughly convincing and poetic style, the separate lives of student and teacher become intricately intertwined.
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01/19/09 09:03
Taboo love :D

I really loved this series. I'm sad it was so short. Unfortunately, the title and the cover art doesn't do it justice, but it's a very sweet and optimistic love story. I'm upset this series isn't getting the attention it deserves.

I don't really like the other artwork or storyline from this author, but this one was different, and MUCH better might I add. They had more depth than The Gentleman and the Lady. And this one has a taboo love story. Everyone loves a little taboo love, no. Female teacher with male student? Pretty interesting, I say.

05/23/08 22:16
Loved it!

This was great, and the pace is nice as well, I was also happy that at the end I wasn't left with all those questions of what happens next, that you usually get from a short story. I definatly recomend this one.

05/23/08 12:27

That was cute. Not too much. Just right. ^_^

05/18/08 19:18
Good Job!

I've come to really like this author, but I wish it were in print. I'm a whole lot less bitter now ^_^.

02/17/08 17:52

Him...I read it before nice.^_^