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  • Art/Story: Dany&Dany
  • Genre: Boys Love
  • Rating: 16+
  • Imprint: Yaoi Press
  • First Updated: 07/13/07 Completed: 07/13/07

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The jaded New York City artist David hires a beautiful hustler named Adam to pose for a painting. David finds that this portrait finally captures the true passion in his soul. The model is stirring passion of another kind. When David acts on his impulses he finds himself dragged into Adam's dark world of dangerous liaisons and jealous lovers.
David is one of the most sought-after artists in the Soho art scene. You'd think that would make him happy, but he knows he only got that status by selling out. He wants to create something meaningful again. He thinks he just might have the perfect subject with Adam.
A male prostitute whose clientele includes many dangerous individuals. His low self-esteem causes him to wall out anyone who might actually have true feelings for me. He doesn't know how to escape the destructive path he's on.
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01/03/09 08:07

I so love this!

12/27/08 10:55

that is the most sexyest story ever omg thatwas so awsome they were both hot

08/02/08 14:35
Wow, I'm surprised...

by how much I hated that story. The art was pretty and it tried to have a real storyline; but I thought it was stupid and boring.

This is another one to just flip through and look at the pictures without wasting time on the dialogue.

05/22/08 07:27

this is so great and the characters are so HOT.!:)

05/21/08 14:05

this was a bit confussing but itresting art work exqusit. can we have some more guys