• Art/Story: Kyungok Kang
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Rating: All Ages
  • Imprint: NETCOMICS
  • Updated: 12/14/12 Next: TBA

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Ever since Shinhye was young, when she used to sit on a hill watching the night sky with her father, she has always admired the stars and dreamed of what is out there in the universe. But she never expected that her dreams-and nightmares-would come true. As a beautiful and intelligent 17-year-old, she attracts the attention of Donghoon, whose uncle works with the Ministry of Science. As it happens, Donghoon's uncle is in charge of finding a home for a visiting foreigner...who has ESP! The teenaged girl, Sarah, has left her home in America to get away from all the strange looks people give her because they don't understand her powers. Sarah is accompanied by her guardian, Redion, a handsome, long-haired young man who makes Shinhye forget all about Donghoon. The girls get off on the wrong foot when Sarah endangers Shinhye with her ESP tantrums...but they eventually become close friends. Shinhye has barely come to terms with the existence of ESP when a UFO lands near her home! The shocks just keep coming as she learns the truth about Sarah and Redion, who the aliens are after. Will Shinhye survive the alien invasion? Her exciting adventures into the universe are just beginning in volume 1 of this fantastic series!
Seventeen-year-old Shinyee Yoo and her astronomy professor father share a fascination with the universe and the paranormal. One day at school the discussion turns to extrasensory perception (ESP), and most of the students say that they would be fearful of people with ESP. When classmate Donghoon Suh overhears Shinyee saying that she would treat people with ESP with respect, he thinks that her home will be the perfect place for a very special houseguest. Soon, bratty teenager Sarah Hwang and her constant male companion, Reidon Gastani, move into the Yoo residence while Sarah is undergoing scientific testing on her ESP. Shinyee's family begins to experience more paranormal events than they could ever have imagined. The characters are all imperfect people: no one is completely sweet or evil. While there are hints of romantic crushes, this sf manhwa focuses on supernatural aspects. By the end of the volume, the reader wonders what is Sarah's real nature and who is really looking out for her best interests. Originally created in 1987, the art, while pleasant, looks dated. Recommended for teen collections where sf manga/manhwa is popular.

- Library Journal


This story is twenty years old. It first appeared in 1987 and has seen various editions. Now translated for the English market it is easy to see why it is worth publishing again. Shinhye is a student that loves to gaze at the stars and listen to her father's stories of the constellations. She is one to espouse belief in such things as ESP or life on other planets to her classmates. This eventually leads to her being asked to house another girl with her family for a while, a girl who has ESP. Strangely, this foreign girl, Sarah, has a handsome companion, Redion, who is more of a servant to her.

As time goes on the relationship between these two is very suspect as is their reason for traveling. Imagine Shinhye's surprise when a real UFO lands in the middle of the city! We know the occupants of the craft are mingling among the humans, searching for a girl – and you can guess who that might be.

This is a multi-layered story with all the elements of solid science fiction. There is a whole alien civilization out their and the fact that some have come to Earth is neither an accident nor an outreach for friendly contact. The lead characters are students so we see the normal activities, conflicts, and angst of normal kids. Another thread is Shinhye's relationship with her father. The mystery of Sarah and Redion, their relation and origins is the true basis of the story. They know more than they can reveal and soon the lives of all these players will change forever.

The story moves with deliberate pace. Kang takes time to develop the characters and the plot. The art is pleasant to the eye and well structured. It is a fun story with mystery and suspense. It ends in a good spot to leave us anxious for more. What do the alien's want with Sarah and what are their plans for Earth? It's only just begun.

- The Comics Review

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01/22/15 11:41
Please Release MORE!

I found the first 3 printed volumes at an older bookstore and bought this right off the shelf without knowing the story!! The covers are beautiful and the art style was gorgeous! Now I've come to read the 3rd volume and I can't get enough of this story! Please don't leave me hanging :< I have to know how this story ends!

10/27/13 13:14

Will this series ever be fully translated? I would love to finish this series. It makes me want to wait on other series until it they are all done. I hate wasting time/money on series you won't bother finishing.

12/20/12 23:27
Yay! It is back!

I can't express how grateful I am to the translator for continuing working on this series. Thank you so, so much! I can't wait to follow it until the end.

11/23/10 18:28
Very Entertaining Manhwa

Once you get past the drawings, you will come to realize the storyline makes up for any shortcomings for the artwork. The storyline itself is truly a creative and unique sci-fi, romance, adventure genre. It is truly a captivating storyline that gets you hook more and more as the story develops. I can't wait for the rest of the manhwa to be translated. so, please update!

07/03/10 17:26
please update!!!!!!!!!

I love this manhwa very much. Can someone please update it :(