• Art/Story: Sumitomo Morozumi
  • Genre: Boys Love
  • Rating: 18+
  • Imprint: NETCOMICS
  • First Updated: 10/18/09 Completed: 11/12/09

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Shibutami lived the life of an everyday high school boy, but with one chronic problem: He could never stay interested in his girlfriends. However, when Yoshizumi transfers into his class, the teenager's arrival strangely piques his interest. Yet, for some reason Yoshizumi seems awkward, even hostile, when Shibutami tries to be his friend. Meanwhile, another high school student with a mask fetish falls deeply in lust with his dentist during an appointment. In another part of the city, a man grows jealous of his own lover's best friend. And elsewhere, a young couple nearly breaks up because they can never agree who should be on top in the bedroom. Merry Family Plan is Sumitomo Morozumi's debut volume, featuring her whimsical and light-hearted short stories. This wacky romp down yaoi lane is sure to leave one feeling warm and fuzzy inside.

(c) 2007 Sumitomo Morozumi. All rights reserved. Online transmission rights for English language version authorized by Tokyo Mangasha through Nihon Manga Gakuin.
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02/16/10 00:50
Nice Art, Lovely First Story

There were so me really beautiful, touching moments in that first couple's story, and I definitely wanted to see more them (especially the in-between years from first confession to college). I think they were adorable. And the one with the silent communication was fun, too. I'd also like to see more of those guys. Very nice debut. Love this artist's style.

12/28/09 20:51

ehh...the first two chapters were better than the others. should've kept that plot and added one side story.

11/09/09 16:06
june is hilarious!

'Why did use a condom?'
'Do it out here'

11/09/09 09:44

Chapter 6 Is very cute funny : D

11/08/09 23:19
Cute Stories!

This last one (Ch 5) was a little hard to understand --ironic given the title of the chapter-- but they've all been cute so far. And happy endings are nice. Young looking characters though.