• Art/Story: Mira Lee
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Rating: All Ages
  • Imprint: NETCOMICS
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Ashamed of failing her high school entrance exam, a 16-year-old tomboy Sooha just wants to disappear off the face of the Earth.
However, when she yells it out loud a mysterious stranger named Ganesha approaches with an offer. He comes from a magical realm called the Para Kingdom ruled by a female military hierarchy that enslaves the male population. Ganesha offers to grant Sooha's wish if she will help liberate the men. Thinking his country sounds like paradise, she instantly agrees.
But, when she arrives the men look to her as their new leader and Sooha learns that fate has a funny way of leading people to their destiny.

The Korean edition of this series was put on hold after volume 9, but the author has plans to continue the series in the near future. NETCOMICS will provide updates when the next volume comes out.
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Sooha Jung is a student in the last year of her middle-school and
managed to fail her exams, and as such thinks her mother will send her
to some factory where she will work day and night or as a maid in some
house where she will live a very lonely and unhappy life.

She feels she is at a dead end crisis in her life, and wonders what
could be round the corner for her, though she does not consider the
progression beneficial to her.
Sooha thinks that she wants to disappear off the face of the earth
when a beautiful stranger with long, flowing blond hair approaches her
and says how difficult it was trying to keep his chastity from the
others who were admiring him when he came to the world.

The stranger tells her he listened to her plea for going to another
world where she thought her life would be better than it is there in
Korea, and Sooha is baffled he could hear her when she only thought
it. She discovers he has great hearing. They get together and have a
small meal in a snack bar, where they reveal their names and he says
his name is Ganesha of the Beta Gender, or submissive male species in
his world, And he thinks it is the same in her world as she is dressed
in a tomboyish way, he still thinks she is a male.

Although it causes her anxiety being mistaken for a male, she has been
a tomboy all her life and most of the people she has known have
thought she was a boy rather than a girl as she shows no female
attributes with the clothes she wears.
Sooha asks Ganesha where he is from and he tells her it is a far away
land called, The Para Empire and he has been sent on a special mission
he wants her to become a part of where in his world women are the
keepers of men and they are the slaves in that world.

Sooha shows her surprise when he asks her to go with him back to her
kingdom and help him free the male population, where who knows what
could be waiting for her.
Will she journey to the far away place where Ganesha is from, or will
she face her mother's wrath of placing her in a job that would seem
like purgatory to be?

The artwork is very much like that of the old Art Nouveau period and
creates a pleasing look that makes the male character seem delicate
and wild.
The story is fun and shows how one girl can save another world even if
she has failed in her own.
It is about how men have to be freed from the binds of oppression from
the opposite gender, and how it affects those around them.

This manga would be well recommended for those who like a different
slant on a classic idea of a manly girl and a feminine male

IN SUMMARY: This first volume is comical, ethereal and a satisfying read.

- Sandra Scholes, September 2007
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09/29/11 18:07

OMG! I almost gave up on OLM because it was so slow in updating and when I came back on here. . .I was sooo surprise. Right now I am in love again. I think I am going to re-read from vol. 1. THANK YOU netcomics. . .I can't wait until Ms. Mira continue this story!

07/12/09 16:57
an interesting twist on gender roles

The first book does a good job of establishing the world and emphasizing the contrast between the fantasy world and modern day Korea. I think that it is interesting that the author decided to have a female as the lead instead of a man. When the character first goes to the world (a reversal on more traditional patriarchies), she expects that it will be a paradise. Yet, because she is confused for a man, she is chased and almost sold as a slave. Rather that take advantage of the fact that she is a woman, she is horrified at the state of humanity in this alternate reality. Rather than simply make the society a haven for women, where they are served by men, the author criticizes any society in which a certain group of people are arbitrarily made subservient to another.
The author refuses to back down from any issue, or to simplify the story and the issues at hand. Those who are repressed are not universally rebellious, and those who rebel are not universally righteous. Nor do all of the women, even those in positions of high power, beat or ill-treat the men in their lives. This book has really surpassed my expectations, and I cannot wait to see where it will go.

06/18/09 23:10
What will happen next?

It is interesting how the roles are switched between men and women. Well, for the most part the men look and act more like women than the actual women, lol. I wonder when shiva and ganesha will figure out Sooha is actually a girl, and what they'll do, hehe

02/25/09 14:33

OMG!! This series is one of the best! I can wait to see what happens next! Especially between Ganesha and Sooha. I also wonder what will Shiva do, since he is very attached to Sooha. Yay!!! =)

02/25/09 07:58

I really like Sooha (she is always good for a laugh) but, if she gets Ganesha killed with her foolish behavior, I am going to flip!