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  • Art/Story: KOSEN
  • Genre: Boys Love
  • Rating: 16+
  • Imprint: Yaoi Press
  • First Updated: 08/02/07 Completed: 08/02/07

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The spoiled Prince Anel must travel without military escort to a neighboring kingdom where tensions run high. Sastre, an honorable Guardian, is brought in to be Anel's only protection for the journey. Anel is enchanted by his noble bodyguard, but Sastre becomes more interested in Kaleth, the spirited servant and lover of Prince Anel.
Kaleth is forced to disguise himself as the prince to be a decoy for his enemies. Sastre duty is to protect Prince Anel, but in his heart he'd rather keep the decoy safe from harm. If the Guardian Sastre wants to avoid a death sentence he must rescue Prince Anel, defeat his rival Riot, and prevail against a rogue Guardian. That leaves little time to protect Anel's decoy, who he's falling in love with.
Guardian's are the elite sentinels of the land. Their training makes them hard as stone, both inside and out. To fail in a mission means execution by the Guardian order, and of course, distractions like a lover are forbidden. Sastre never cared about this last part...until he met Kaleth.
The spirited slave of Prince Anel, as well as his lover. He served his master with great devotion, but refuses to lie down and die when Anel's decided to move on.
The spoiled prince of Sarash who easily hops from bed to bed of sexy men. He's ready to jump into Sastre's bed, but Sastre seems completely uninterested.
An ex-Guardian with a nasty link to Sastre. He shouldn't even be in this scenario, but apparently he's become a mercenary working for the highest bidder.
A Guardian whose method is to kill everything that moves and ask questions later. If that wasn' t bad enough...the guy' s a pervert.
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08/02/08 18:43
Ha ha

That was hilarious. The story was utter rubbish and I couldn't stop laughing but the characters were gorgeous. Though I would have liked to see more Yinn.

05/21/08 14:04
give me more

i really was supprised how good this turned out the action and sexy bits brill. so cute that such a strong guy could be new to the experince of sex.

05/02/08 16:47

When you buy this its really in 2 volumes....they both come with extra side stories. I was happy when I got mine!! YAY I would love to see another story with the DEMON as the main character!! He's like REALLY HOT!!!Sigh....:)

03/13/08 04:27

Gorgeous art. No one draws a mouth like Kosen. Sure, the plot is a bit thin, but it's engaging and moves swiftly to more and more hotness and sweet romance. Love it.

02/27/08 10:50
The Sexy Guardians

I love Sastre, so sexy and hot. A little dense most of the times but its so endearing. To him its duty and honor, that's what makes his entire personality so when he finally experienced falling for someone he is torn between being what he is or being true to his feelings and this unknown emotions. Yinn is so cool, the type of guy who would surely get along with anyone and yes, would be forgiven for whatever he did once he flash that smile of his. ^_^ More power to the guardians! hehe