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Gin is falsely accused of murder and gets sacrificed to a demon. However, when the demon realizes his innocence, he takes pity on him and flies Gin to Aluria, a land of mystical creatures.

Gin seduced and horribly betrayed by one of the cruelest vampires named Kakale. And if things weren't bad enough... Kakale casts a spell so that Gin looks like Kakale and Kakale looks like Gin. This is very bad for Gin considering Kakale is a wanted criminal.

Gin goes on a mission to find Kakale to get the spell reversed. He runs into Kakale's sexy vampire boy friend, Rakioul, who mistakes Gin for Kakale. Now Gin must pretend to be an evil vampire to trick Rakioul into leading him to the real Kakale.

Of course, when you're pretending to be someone's lover there are certain duties involved... By the exceptional artist of Spirit Marked!
An innocent and kind harem boy. He wants to trust people, but always gets hurt when he does.
An evil and cunning vampire. Hes a wanted criminal in Aluria with great power in villainous circles.
Kakales vampire lover. He knew Kakale before hed become such a hardened criminal. He longs for the old Kakale he fell in love with.
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11/07/09 13:45

it was short but surprisingly sweet and adorable. I would love to read such a cute stories any time! ^^

03/16/09 14:52
how cute

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww thats so sad the boy was so cute and bthe dude in the cell one word SEXY! OH YA

02/02/09 16:22
2nd story better

At first I wasn't sure I liked this much at all. Then I slept on it and decided I agree with the other reviewers who said Moonflower was a good story. The main story about Gin et al is too short and characters are not really developed at all. Many loose ends. The second story is also short but at least the premise is funny. I am a big fan of good artwork though and the artwork in Moonflower is not nearly as good as some of the other Netcomics titles. The main characters look a lot alike...even their hairstyles!... and are very androgynous. I prefer men who look like men and women who look like women. Sidenote: Moonflower starts in chapter 4 os if you to read that one you need to look at both 4 and 5.

10/29/08 18:41

Amazing! I love this story so much! When I first read the summary, I thought it wouldn't be that great, but I read the first chapter, got hooked, and now I'm broke! (I didn't have much money left on my account when I started anyway....)Definitely a worthwhile read, especially the Moonflower story!

05/21/08 13:58
hot hot hot

i fell inlove with this story because it is so full of diffrent things and things that happen in real life. very hot and sexy