X Diary

(18 reviews)
  • Art/Story: Toma
  • Genre: Web Comic
  • Rating: All Ages
  • Imprint: NETCOMICS
  • First Updated: 06/19/06 Completed: 06/12/07

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Mingo is a 26-year-old cartoonist with a fiery temper, who breaks up with her easygoing musician boyfriend Jerry. They decide to stay friends, even though they still have feelings for each other. Along for the ride are Mingo's younger sister Sam who has never dated, and Mingo's romantic idealist co-worker Jinjin. X Diary is a slice-of-life portrayal of two lovers who take a step back from love, and begin to look at each other once again and learn. A sagacious and sarcastic journey that will get your head nodding and face smiling.
A 26-year-old cartoonist.
A loaf-around, lazy chick. Somewhat of a hothead, she recently broke up with Jerry and decided to stay cool as friends.
Why isn't that jerk more upset?
A 26-year-old bassist in a modern rock band.
He's earned Sam's hatred by converting from punk to modern rock. A man of few words but warm-hearted. He's confused over his recent breakup with his girlfriend.
So we're really broken up?
A 25-year-old vocalist in a punk band.
Mingo's younger sister who treats her older sister like a joke. She has never, ever dated because she's way picky and her standards are too high.
I, too, once had a pure heart.
A 24-year-old co-worker of Mingo.
Devoted and earnest in every undertaking, he is a pure and naive romantic who believes that love will always triumph, and you should never give up.
But could love be that simple?
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12/15/08 15:30
Angry little girls, but IMO cut er :-)

The art is a little bit like "Angry Little Girls" in that both are very simply drawn, yet super cute and effective. The fact that this book is in color and has such a great story and universality to it makes me really appreciate it. It's also written like a diary itself, except in comic form, which makes it really quick, pleasant, and fun to read. It's very funny, and sad at the same time--a given, I suppose, as the two main characters are former lovers trying to do the "Let's be friends, even though it makes us feel womp-womp and super awkward" thing. Impressively, even with all the post-breakup sadness and drama that can automatically come in such situations, Toma does a great job of making it really accessible, humorous, and not too heavy at all. Anyone who has ever laughed, cried, or wanted to tear their hair out because of a relationship should definitely check this book out!

09/06/08 23:18
Ironically lovable

I really wish there were more volumes to X Diary. The words I have to use to describe it is cute and endearing. Although, its ironic I would describe it as that, seeing as its about breakup. But it was suprisingly light-hearted. As the hopeless romantic I am, I had hoped they would end up together at the end. But I'm glad it ended as it did because it doesn't follow the traditional "love" story format. I guess we all must come to terms about the not-too-happy parts of love too. A bite of harsh reality rolled up in one cute and deeply satisfying story.

06/03/08 12:16
A must-have

Anyone who's been through a breakup should read this. The way Mingo deals with her broken heart is just so cute and adorable. Toma is such a unique manhwa-ga. I wish there were more artists like her.

06/12/07 19:09
Farwell Mingo!

Aw, so this is the end? X Diary was a surprisingly pleasant read! Like a bundle of cuteness, sweetness and touching all rolled into one. I am going to seriously miss reading about Mingo and friends. :(

04/28/07 17:30