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  • Blue, Black, Sky

    26 Chapters

    The brothers Dohyung and Jaegyung have a natural family bond. At least that’s what they think... But then one day, their father suddenly summons them and reveals a secret that will change their relationship for good…

  • Dreams of the Days

    15 Chapters

    As if Howon’s life wasn’t complicated enough, he now realizes he might be gay. He's having vivid erotic dreams, involving his current best friend, Jihyung, and his former one, Changwoo. Having feelings for both his friends, his dilemma deepens when one of them makes a pass at him.

  • Intense

    28 Chapters

    The gang leader Yoonshik takes Jiwoon when the child's father hangs himself. Eight years later, Jiwoon is working as a bodyguard for Yoonshik.