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  • This Love Ain’t So Bad

    8 Chapters

    Freelance designer Junichi and businessman Harumi are lovers and live together. But in their everyday life, they fight over the smallest things. Sex has smoothed out a lot of those fights but it has its limits! So the two break up, but... In addition to the ”First meeting” extra story, there are short stories with the theme ”Tutor” and ”Policeman”!

  • Daddy’s Boyfriend

    7 Chapters

    Mr. Iori is a divorced single dad and has a son who’s in kindergarten. To comfort him, Mr. Iori’s subordinate, Hayakawa, prepares him a delicious lunch. Mr. Iori is flattered by the daring approach from the young and handsome Hayakawa, but...... This is a compilation of bittersweet love stories that play on the theme of adult sensibilities.