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  • Honey Sword

    5 Chapters
    Aug 17, 2020

    It’s a romantic boys-love kendo story!

  • Falling In Love Under The Blue Sky

    6 Chapters

    Yuuichi is at his family's rural home during the summer break. Just when he’s about to head back to Tokyo, his cousin’s friend Sei offers him a place to stay. Secretly, Yuuichi has been in love with Sei for the past two years. Yuuichi can’t get his mind off being romantic with Sei, but he can’t do anything about it! So, his heart just continues to beat for Sei... But when a childhood friend of Sei appears, Yuuichi's fantasies arouse even more... There are 6 stories in total, including ”Our Summer!” parts 1-4, ”Looking At The Gentle Moon”, a special ”Our Summer” side-story, and also a few extra illustrations!