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Fantasy Age 13+ · NETCOMICS Updated: 12.14.16Next Update: TBA

An epic fantasy and vivid re-imagination of ancient Korean history, made possible by painstaking historical research combined with breathtaking mythological visualization! Kingdom of the Winds tells the legendary story of King Yuri (Goguryeo's second emperor), King Damusin (Muhyul, Goguryeo's third emperor), and Muhyul's son Hodong. This tale fills in the personal details of their lives, their ideals and human emotions as they struggle with an unavoidable fate that intertwines and tangles their lives with that of their nation. You will meet the heroes of the Kingdom of the Winds; heroes afflicted and lost, opposed to each other, and bound together on their epic journeys to achieving their diverse ideals that actual history had only hinted at. 

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User Reviews

    07.25.10 0

    this is the most beautiful and fantastic story. i just loved this story, especialy when i saw muhyul. i read all of the chapter and i even watch the movie.
    i love jumong's movie better than this one



    Oh, sad.

    08.26.09 0

    This is such a beautiful and tragic story. I really respect Maro's loyalty, but I don't think Muhyul deserves such treatment! It'll be interesting to see how their relationship evolves.




    07.12.09 0

    I've only read the first book, but I'm in love. The art is simply stunning, and I love the interweaving of fantasy and history. The dialogue is also beautifully written, and I love the integration of poetry into the text of the story. It reminiscent of the Tale of Genji. I wonder if they're from the original text? The story is a bit difficult to follow, but I love the different layers of romance, adventure, political intrigue, fantasy, mythology, and actual historical incidents. I can't wait to read more!



    Symbolic Nature?

    01.29.09 0

    Note: I've only read the first two chapters. This is my first net comic. I was disappointed that everything was in black and white, but it actually worked to the comic's advantage, bringing out its very nice textures and allowing for some interesting illustration techniques, such as the occasional alternating between positive and negative film images. The comic begins the story in this rainstorm and conditions the reader to expect to see rain in every page. The rain, being water, and the darkness seem to be emphasized so much that I felt there was some symbolic meaning to them. The rain makes its first appearance with the mentioning of the Biryu river, which is apparently dangerous and mystical because it is on the frontier of the kingdom. Perhaps this dangerous frontier is meant to be associated with the rain..?




    09.30.08 0

    Good chapter, I LOVE MUHUL!
    I love historical manhwa it's so fantastic and romantic ^^& LOVE IT!!