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Average: 4.2 (11 votes)
13 Reviews
BL Age 13+ · NETCOMICS Vol.9 Ch.7 Updated : 05.24.17Next Update: TBA

Sooho Lee struggles to survive. The lonely teenager suffers through hunger and harsh weather while living in his rundown apartment. Abandoned by his parents, Sooho constantly schemes ways to make a fast buck, but even his wealthy classmate Kyungmin refuses to lend a helping hand. His problems are about to become far worse. By chance, Sooho Lee draws the attention of an eccentric and malevolent vampire. Night after night, the attacks grow worse until Sooho Lee realizes that the strange creature intends to kidnap him and feed off his blood...forever.

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User Reviews


    Great Series But...


    First off, the 2 star rating is not for the story it's for the quality of the chapters, the story itself is very good and I enjoy it every time.

    This is a great series but after renting the chapters on NetComics and then buying the books as they were released I realized that the NetComics chapters are missing at least 6 pages at the end of almost every chapter, this makes it very difficult to follow the story when you don't know that you are missing pages!

    Why are they asking money for incomplete chapters?!

    Very disappointed.

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    Had high hopes

    Contains some spoilers: For those who just want the gist, I find this series extremely problematic because it glorifies rape and victim/survivor's guilt as love.

    I kept reading hoping for a good end for Sooho. For startes after the first few volumes the story gets super hard to follow becasue it throws in all of these extra characters and the art makes them all look the same. Sometimes it's even hard to tell if the person talking is one of the main characters or one of the side carachters that look just like them. Then most of all I am not ok with the fact that rape in yaoi is such a constant trope. Falling in love with someone who abuses and rapes you is not love, its stalkholme syndrome. This series towards the end literally glorifies loving your abuser and having victims guilt as love. It isn't love, and writing stories as if it is isn't ok. I was holding out hope he would get free and get together with Isaac who he was treated well by and actually loved, but then Isaac turned out to be a dick to and I'm conflicted on whether he's ok anymore. Even after Issac pulled a 180 character twist I still hoped he was just being cruel to defend his heart but then in the last volume he also molested Sooho. I had to skim a bunch of stuff because of the background story arch that was all over the place and hard to follow and at this point, I don't know if I will be able to finish the series if more chapters come out. Because Sooho just going home after all this would be depressing and him living happily ever after with The dragon King is just wrong, and best case scenario is still ending up with Isaac. No matter what I feel like I wasted my money and I'm in an allover depressed mood for spending hours reading all of this to just feel kind of sick now. Sooho was being so strong despite all of the shit that happened and It doesn't look like he is going to get a fair end. I really like Sooho and It emotionally hurts me to read this because it's just droning on with shitty event

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    Can't wait for the next update

    I really like this series. The plot is interesting and the characters are exceptional. At the first volumes, I was confused by the side characters and their relevance to the story. However, as the story progress, the plot becomes more clear, and the sides characters development become more intriguing and interesting to read.

    However, I don't know if there is a mistake with the uploading process with NETCOMICS, but some of the chapters from the Volume 9 aren't included. I hope NETCOMOCS will fix it soon, because I'm currently buying the print version of this series, and this issue makes me wonder if NETCOMICS is also going to exclude those chapter from the actual Volume 9 as well.

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    Interesting Plot Beautiful Art

    I like the plot a lot and the romance isn't rushed. The interactions between the main character Sooho and the Dragon King are funny and cute. Art is beautiful which is always a plus. Looking forward to more updates!

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    Awesome series!


    Awesome series. So many characters that it's kindof hard to follow and understand who is who. The artwork makes all the characters look alike. The main character Sooho looks like a girl. Even though he's 18yrs old, apparently he's still having growth spurts and will get more manlier as he age. Not sure when puberty stops for males, but he does look like a girl. This always happens. There is a bit of comedy from time to time, but it's quite mild. the drama is really starting to pick up in this series. I have a feeling that it's almost about to end. I want to understand the relationship with the dragons, humans, etcs. I don't think the author provided enough details to explain everything, or maybe there are things I'm missing? It's kindof hard to keep up with the story-line when the updates are inconsistent. Nevertheless, I'll come back to this series next year (2017).Maybe then there will be an update!

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