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Set in the medieval kingdom of Ralamid, a fantasy world all of its own embroiled in mystery and intrigue where anything can and will happen if needed. A young girl known as a Ferat, one who can prophesise fortune or dangerous fate witnesses with her own eyes a disaster waiting to happen as a fierce dragon, Noigin, the dragon of the dark is set to descend on their world without conscience and fear to conquer it ultimately. This dragon is supposed to be a creature of three-fold darkness and when it appears in that shape, it will command everything it wants. This particular Ferat has seen eighty years into the future and is believed to be one of the best seers the world has ever known, and whatever she sees never fails to come true. Lazarus, an envoy of the clan of the heavy eye discusses Aitenbara and the prophecy, also that their seer is the youngest ever known to their country, which gives them cause for concern. Once Lazarus sees the Ferat, he sees how young she really is and how little, but also how she is not human and scarred across one side of her face. When he finds she is of mixed blood, human and Gaderin his interest piques. Readers will love the setting of this manga, first in a series of volumes that touches upon the idea of those who can predict the future without failure, and also of their lives in this cleverly weaved tale of fantasy and flair in an original world penned by Gyojeong Kwon, who will show the reader how interesting that world is with the characters of Det and Osen getting to know each other more so as the story progresses to make this one for a Christmas present with a difference. IN SUMMARY: Fantastic story, elegant art, flowing robes and enchanting settings. Gyojeong Kwon is a manga-ka tipped for future greatness. The faces of the characters seem sculpted to perfection, while the Celtic style theme running through the manga is beautiful to the eye.

- Sandra Scholes for Active Anime, November 2008


The Adventures of Young Det is billed as the story of "two adventure-loving boys who set out on an epic quest to slay a fearsome dragon that threatens their world." Presumably, at some point it will be just that, but this first volume serves as a prologue, focusing on the relationship between a powerful human sorcerer named Lazarus and the lovely Ferat, chief of a race of prophets. Lazarus, as we first meet him, is extremely talented and he knows it. Initially unimpressed with the Ferat, his admiration for her grows when he realizes her magical abilities exceed his own. Eventually the two strike up an agreement to teach the other their styles of magic. Unbeknownst to Lazarus, the Ferat is also keeping an eye on him because of a prophetic vision that indicates he will have something to do with the summoning of the dragon some eighty years hence. Many in-depth conversations about the universe's magic system follow and it's to Kwon's credit that these scenes manage to be more about the characters than magical mechanics. Lazarus palpably changes as a result of these lessons, and his growing feelings for the Ferat evolve quite naturally. Occasionally these discussions can get a bit wordy, and there are a lot of terms to get straight as well, but on the whole they're perfectly comprehensible and don't drag down the narrative. Quite a few intriguing questions are left at the end of this volume, and I get the overall sense that Kwon has plotted this tale very carefully. Will Lazarus actually be responsible for summoning the dragon? Will the Ferat and her home really disappear as some visions have indicated? Will the story continue to be as enjoyable when it actually gets to the epic questing? With beautiful art and a well-crafted story, The Adventures of Young Det gets off to a very good start in this volume. I look forward to reading more. Volume one of The Adventures of Young Det is available now.

- Michelle Smith for PopCultureShock, January 2009

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The Adventures of Young Det

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Fantasy 13+ NETCOMICS Updated Wednesday
Vol.4 Ch.7 Updated : Nov 03, 2008Next Update: TBA

In a medieval kingdom, within a fantasy universe completely unlike our own, they tell the legend of two adventure-loving boys from the countryside who set out on an epic quest to slay a powerful and fearsome dragon that threatened their world. The Tale of the Feramores elaborates the origins of the two heroes Det and Osen as they begin their journey, finding romance and battling their way to glory. Discover with them the wonders of their world, the horrors that afflict it and the struggles endured by a new mankind. Live the magic that flows through it all!

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