• Specter Wars Up 5 Free

    Youngoh Kim Action · 16 Chapters · 10.19.17
    1 Reviews

    It's the end of 20th century, when Chosun dynasty was about to collapse. Powerful nations surrounding the country are vigilantly awaiting an opportunity to invade it. But the government is corrupt and incompetent. Specters long held underground are set loose by someone.

  • Fix My Heart Up 4 Free

    Mine BL · 15 Chapters · 10.19.17
    1 Reviews

    Disapproved by his parents, Eunjoon now lives apart from his family for the first time in his life. Somehow electric appliances don't work as they should when he lays his hands on them. Fortunately, there's an old electrical repair shop nearby where he became a regular. Jihoo comes to help his father and notices Eunjoon spending more time at the shop than he needs to.

  • Sweet Blood 10% 1 Free

    Seyoung Kim BL · 71 Chapters · 10.18.17
    13 Reviews

    By chance, Sooho Lee draws the attention of an eccentric and malevolent vampire.

  • Midnight Partner 5 Free

    Minhee Kim Fantasy · 37 Chapters · 10.18.17
    1 Reviews

    A high-school girl and her teacher join at night to hunt yellow ghosts that come out of people

  • Prince Bari 2 Free

    Solanine / Maki BL · 30 Chapters · 10.16.17
    5 Reviews

    A celebrated shaman with a lazy spirit encounters a CEO client who came with a much powerful spirit stuck to him.

  • Collide 4 Free

    Wann Romance · 36 Chapters · 10.13.17
    21 Reviews

    Joy is now the target of supernatural powers due to her generic trait. Moowon, a top class supernatural agent, is sent to protect Joy.

  • My Ex, Client 3 Free

    Hera Kang / Sujin Kim Romance · 21 Chapters · 10.13.17
    12 Reviews

    Years after breakup, ex-boyfriend shows up as a big shot client. There's no way to avoid the situation.

  • Give to the Heart - Memories 1 Free

    Wann Romance · 23 Chapters · 10.13.17
    9 Reviews

    Give to the Heart - Memories is a 3-volume side story to the Give to the Heart series. Brilliant scientists have always existed ahead of their time. Just give them the necessary resources, and they create miracles.

  • Korean Cooking 12 Free

    Jee-ook Choi Drama · 12 Chapters · 10.03.17
    4 Reviews

    Learn to cook most popluar Korean dishes with this Free webtoon!

  • KPOP Idol 7 Free

    Jungmin Kim Comedy · 7 Chapters · 09.27.17
    1 Reviews

    Members of KPOP Idol magazine are struggles to keep their publication going admist declining subscribers. They decide to cover all kinds of interesting facts about KPOP Idol scene for potential readers who may not be familiar to Idol culture. The project brings out the innermost otaku nature of the staff members. Will they be able to attract more KPOP fans to keep their magazine alive?

  • Personal Immorality 3 Free

    Ungyou BL · 15 Chapters · 09.26.17
    1 Reviews

    Dongsoo is parted with his lover after he witnesses her having a one-night stand with Inhan. To his surprise and dismay, the new laywer hired to his company happened to be Inhan, and they can't avoid running into each other at work. As a revenge for ruining his love life, Dongsoo seduces Inhan's partners and somehow succeeds each time. Inhan finds Dongsoo annoying, but somehow interesting in a way.

  • Fresh! 3 Free

    Eru Jung / Yunjeong Kim Comedy · 30 Chapters · Completed
    3 Reviews

    A girl with severe case of malephobia believes her male classmate as a girl.

  • Dreams of the Days 1 Free

    Kyungha Yi BL · 15 Chapters · Completed
    2 Reviews

    As if Howon’s life wasn’t complicated enough, he now realizes he might be gay. He's having vivid erotic dreams, involving his current best friend, Jihyung, and his former one, Changwoo. Having feelings for both his friends, his dilemma deepens when one of them makes a pass at him.

  • Is It Just Me?! 50 Free

    Eunyoung Kim Comedy · 50 Chapters · Completed
    1 Reviews

    Life-long single girl Bong Park and her friends' usual daily lives.

  • Idol Keyboard Warriror 3 Free

    Hyongsup Shin / Seongeun Kim Drama · 3 Chapters · 06.26.17
    0 Reviews

    Idol turned keyboard warrior meets a once otaku fan of the the band he was in.

  • Visiting Korea 5 Free

    Daeyong Shin / Yongjin Park Web Comic · 5 Chapters · 06.23.17
    0 Reviews

    Learn about places to visit Korea. This webtoon takes you to places and activities you will want to go and experience if you ever visit Korea.

  • Girls' Student Council 3 Free

    Hyongsup Shin / Hyewon Han Comedy · 3 Chapters · 06.22.17
    0 Reviews

    Myunghyun wakes up from a car accident and quickly notices a shocking reality - his and Narae's bodies are changed! He has to act normal and live Narae's life. But an average male student can't do much when Narae is a perfect student in every way. What's worse, he has to run all-girls student council as the president! Can he survive the tasks he's supposed to take on and ever regain his body?!

  • Joint Class 3 Free

    Joosin Kim Thriller · 3 Chapters · 06.21.17
    0 Reviews

    Special students from various countries are invited to a school in a desert island where supernatural phenomenons are observed. They are put into classes and forced to play a series of survival games. Within 90 days, they must find the clues to the graduation exam in order to exit the island.