• Prince Bari

    Solanine / Maki BL · 7 Chapters · 04.17.17
    0 Reviews

    A celebrated shaman with a lazy spirit encounters a CEO client who came with a much powerful spirit stuck to him.

  • Sweet Blood

    Seyoung Kim BL · 67 Chapters · 11.09.16
    12 Reviews

    By chance, Sooho Lee draws the attention of an eccentric and malevolent vampire.

  • Beyond

    E.Hae BL · 15 Chapters · 10.27.16
    3 Reviews

    A new recruit at monthly magazine "Other World,” Namjoo is caught up in the publication's conspiracy in this exciting romantic adventure.

  • It's Not Love

    Youngran Lee BL · 31 Chapters · 10.26.16
    4 Reviews

    It's simply passion and sexual desire. A firework that will soon die out. It's not love--!

  • His House

    Hajin Yoo BL · 50 Chapters · Completed
    11 Reviews

    Gangyoo only needs one more gig to earn enough money to graduate and live a normal life. There's only one catch. His new client is a man named Soohyun.

  • Totally Captivated - Side Stories

    Hajin Yoo BL · 16 Chapters · Completed
    0 Reviews

    Must read for Totally Captivated fans, 18+ rated. Watch the lives of Ewon and Mookyul after their main story ended.

  • Intense

    Kyungha Yi BL · 28 Chapters · Completed
    50 Reviews

    A gang leader Yoonsik takes Jiwoon when the child's father hangs himself. Eight years later, Jiwoon is working for the gang as a bodyguard for Yoonsik.

  • Curse Of Lust

    Ungyou BL · 17 Chapters · Completed
    2 Reviews

    The first day of work as a male housekeeper... The first encounter with the infamous novelist Jinwoo Yang... Bonggoo's curiosity only grows when he sees the writer behind a mask.

  • Yeonwoo

    Marshil BL · 18 Chapters · Completed
    1 Reviews

    Sol Yoon comes from a family of renowned artists for generations. Sol feels jealous of Makgae for earning his father's trust, the same father who never taught his own son.

  • Behind Story

    Narae Ahn BL · 24 Chapters · Completed
    9 Reviews

    Lively Taehee and unsociable Yohan go to the same highschool but do not know each other well. Their fateful meeting happens in a motorcycle accident.

  • The Story of Dr. Donghyun

    MiHyoun Cho BL · 8 Chapters · Completed
    1 Reviews

    Young, handsome, skillful doctor Donghyun roams the earth, seeking someone to cure... or devour.

  • Core Scramble

    Euho Jun BL · 24 Chapters · Completed
    29 Reviews

    In a world plagued by monsters swarming through portals from other dimensions, a brave group of soldiers called Clarus Orbis battles the otherworldly threat.

  • Anima

    Dany&Dany BL · 6 Chapters · Completed
    5 Reviews

    In a steam-punk futuristic world the beautiful dancer Danya seems too perfect and pure. He's unlucky to have an obsessed fan who's also a cynical journalist.

  • Roureville

    E.Hae BL · 24 Chapters · Completed
    64 Reviews

    Evan Pryce is a celebrated New York Times reporter, and true to his prominent journalistic lineage, he has just published an exclusive scoop that is brilliant enough to be considered for the Pulitzer Prize. Unfortunately, this also makes him easy prey to the many enemies he has made throughout his career.

  • Pinned

    Yamila Abraham / Studio Kosaru BL · 5 Chapters · Completed
    4 Reviews

    Cruiserweight wrestler Synn couldn't believe how lucky he was to be recruited by the number one wrestling promotion in North America.

  • Merry Family Plan

    Sumitomo Morozumi BL · 7 Chapters · Completed
    14 Reviews

    Shibutami lived the life of an everyday high school boy, but with one chronic problem: He could never stay interested in his girlfriends.

  • Dark Prince

    Yamila Abraham / M. A. Sambre BL · 17 Chapters · Completed
    15 Reviews

    Ks Prince Davon murders boys whose name start with the letter 'A'. The loyal retainer Lowry is summoned by the king to put a stop to it. Lowry assumes the prince is insane due to inbreeding.

  • Love Full of Scars

    Psyche Delico BL · 7 Chapters · Completed
    14 Reviews

    The stories in Love Full of Scars tell of both the physical and emotional marks that tough love can leave on a person.