• In the Starlight

    Kyungok Kang SF · 45 Chapters · 05.17.16
    23 Reviews

    Ever since Shinhye was young, when she used to sit on a hill watching the night sky with her father, she has always admired the stars and dreamed of what is out there in the universe.

  • Core Scramble

    Euho Jun BL · 24 Chapters · Completed
    29 Reviews

    In a world plagued by monsters swarming through portals from other dimensions, a brave group of soldiers called Clarus Orbis battles the otherworldly threat.


    Jinha Yoo SF · 36 Chapters · 01.19.09
    163 Reviews

    A grand-scale masterpiece of life in a dystopian future, Aegis paints a picture of the love and friendship between orphans Jino and Izare. Having gained independence from Revro, the earth secretly trains an army of boys. Jino and Izare are abandoned to the camp, and Izare silently sacrifices himself to keep his promise to Maria that he'd look after Jino. But Jino escapes the soul-killing cruelty of the camp. With Jino in his heart, Izare remains to become an ultimate weapon. The boy's lives, and the secrets of the mysterious Maria, gradually unravel in this epic Sci-Fi drama. For Earth, can peace and utopia be won?

  • June

    Youngran Lee SF · 16 Chapters · 02.22.08
    12 Reviews

    Commonly acknowledged as a genius biologist, Dr. Gangjae Lee has a conceited and blunt personality that tends to push people away.


    Kimjin SF · 5 Chapters · Completed
    4 Reviews

    Mazda Hun is a soldier caught in a web of political and military struggles beyond his comprehension. Captured by the government, they sentence him to Lethe.

  • 0/6 (Zero-Six)

    Youjung Lee SF · 21 Chapters · Completed
    15 Reviews

    Moolchi's absentee father sends him a most unusual gift--a stunningly-proportioned 'girl' who may or may not be made of flesh and blood.