• Collide Up

    Wann Romance · 21 Chapters · 04.25.17
    10 Reviews

    Joy is now the target of supernatural powers due to her generic trait. Moowon, a top class supernatural agent, is sent to protect Joy.

  • Midnight Partner

    Minhee Kim Fantasy · 18 Chapters · 04.05.17
    1 Reviews

    A high-school girl and her teacher join at night to hunt yellow ghosts that come out of people

  • Give to the Heart - Memories

    Wann Romance · 16 Chapters · 03.03.17
    6 Reviews

    Give to the Heart - Memories is a 3-volume side story to the Give to the Heart series. Brilliant scientists have always existed ahead of their time. Just give them the necessary resources, and they create miracles.

  • Kingdom of the Winds

    Kimjin Fantasy · 29 Chapters · 12.14.16
    15 Reviews

    An epic fantasy and vivid re-imagination of ancient Korean history, made possible by painstaking historical research combined with breathtaking mythological visualization!

  • Sweet Blood

    Seyoung Kim BL · 67 Chapters · 11.09.16
    12 Reviews

    By chance, Sooho Lee draws the attention of an eccentric and malevolent vampire.

  • Cat Prince

    Morim Kang Romance · 51 Chapters · 11.07.16
    2 Reviews

    Skyla is a girl who speaks Cat. Logan is a boy who humiliates her as his hobby. One day, Logan finds himself tortured by a curse that transforms him into a cat.

  • Dokebi Cafe

    Yunhee Lee / Yunjeong Kim Fantasy · 22 Chapters · 10.27.16
    2 Reviews

    Gangeun is a poster girl for bad luck. She encounters a strange "boy" named Mooyoung in front of a new cafe. Who is this mysterious creature in the form of a boy?

  • Give to the Heart

    Wann Romance · 117 Chapters · Completed
    31 Reviews

    Earth suffers a cataclysm. Three godlike beings emerge to rule over survivors. Lord Ganok controls all waters. He nourishes nations with rain or blights them with drought.

  • Dalgeun, the Invincible

    Kamdae Comedy · 16 Chapters · Completed
    0 Reviews

    Thug meets girl and this life crashes into afterlife in this fun fantasy comedy!

  • Akh

    Myoungji Park Fantasy · 16 Chapters · Completed
    0 Reviews

    On Osiris' wedding day, Set, the God of Evil proposes to the groom's beloved goddess Isis. Infuriated by her rejection, Set attacks the peaceful realm of the dead to possess it for his own.

  • Operation Liberate Men

    Mira Lee Fantasy · 37 Chapters · 02.24.09
    60 Reviews

    Ashamed of failing her high school entrance exam, a 16-year-old tomboy Sooha just wants to disappear off the face of the Earth.

  • The Adventures of Young Det

    Gyojeong Kwon Fantasy · 35 Chapters · 11.03.08
    44 Reviews

    In a medieval kingdom, within a fantasy universe completely unlike our own, they tell the legend of two adventure-loving boys from the countryside who set out on an epic quest to slay a powerful and fearsome dragon that threatened their world

  • Passionate Two-Face

    Youjung Lee Fantasy · 13 Chapters · Completed
    10 Reviews

    Lost and confused over the loss of his only love Haeji, Sangbaek meets a very special make-up artist by chance and becomes the most good-looking guy of the day.

  • The Devil's Trill

    Sooyeon Won Fantasy · 8 Chapters · Completed
    12 Reviews

    Two graphic novellas from Sooyeon Won.

  • 9 Faces of Love

    Wann Romance · 9 Chapters · Completed
    12 Reviews

    Wann's colorful short takes on love depict the most vexing of human emotions in all its guises.

  • The Starry Night

    Kimjin Fantasy · 7 Chapters · Completed
    3 Reviews

    Graphic Novellas from Kimjin.

  • Dokebi Bride

    Marley Fantasy · 41 Chapters · 01.20.06
    30 Reviews

    Born into a shaman family, Sunbi has inherited the power to see and communicate with spirits just like her grandmother, a notable shaman and savior of their little fishing village in the South Sea.

  • Yodong's Vampire

    Youjung Lee Fantasy · 6 Chapters · Completed
    18 Reviews

    Meet Mr. Yodong Lee, a timid 27-year-old virgin who spends his days in a dull office job and quiet nights at home with the dog.