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Hyekyung Baek
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Comedy Age 13+ · NETCOMICS Updated: 09.09.16Next Update: TBA

- Updated every Friday -

Eunyo Song lives the life of a modern-day princess. She grew up famous as a child model.  All the boys love her. All the girls hate her. Day after day, money and opportunity knocks on her door begging to be allowed inside. Then, one day, she falls in love with an ordinary honor student Chankyung Woo. At the same, Eunyu's alluring face draws the obsessive attention of popular teen icon Inan. Inan desires Eunyu no matter the cost. One boy has the world on a string. The other boy has Eunyo. Only one will win.

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User Reviews


    Gender Bender Done Better

    11.02.16 0

    The great thing about this manwha is how the gender bender was done.

    She doesn't just cut off her hair and now shes a guy. There is a series of events leading up to changing her voice and appearance, and on top of it all its not easy.

    The other great thing is the psychological development and damage. To me shojos are normally not so deep, but this manwha takes its time diving into each character and growing them. At first when you see Chiro she seems like a selfish little brat, but she was just kid, but slowly she develops and becomes more like a "man" mentally. You have to appreciate the thought put into this manwha.



    More chapters needed

    08.15.16 0

    Please update



    Thank you!

    03.10.16 0

    Wow, you guys are awesome for picking up where Udon left off.
    Please please print the whole series and I'll buy it from the first volume from you guys!

    02.29.16 0

    This is so fun! I hope you update more often.