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It's Not LoveUp 33%

Youngran Lee
Average: 4 (3 votes)
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BL Age 18+ · NETCOMICS Updated: 10.26.16Next Update: TBA
"It's simply passion and sexual desire. A firework that will soon die out. It's not love--!"
Ganghyuk Choi, the top 0.001% of the male species meets Joowon Kim, the bottom 10% of the pack!
A chance encounter brings together the two men who would naturally have no chance of even brushing by each other.
And to Joowon's surprise, it leads to a one-night stand.
What was expected to end after that night continues on to be something more, and the odd couple fall deeper and deeper for each other.
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User Reviews


    good laugh!

    03.10.16 0

    I like this artist's style! The characters are funny and the situations they are in are even crazier!
    I would just like faster updates please!



    I want more!! chapters too short-

    11.01.15 0

    This story has heart. I am enjoying how both men feelings are deepening and now a new dynamic with Joowon acknowledgement of his feeling for his first love which he did not have a chance to explores before it ended in pain.
    I am looking forward to see how the story progresses and if two will become a threesome even if just emotionally- Anyone not reading is missing out!

    10.07.15 0

    I actually like this manga. I'm not crazy for yoai manga and my husband despises it when I read it, but this one is worth the money. Most yoai mangas it's all about sex and has no real story line other than how they are doing it. But this particular manga actually has quite a good story line which is easy to keep up with. It still has sex, but it's not what's solely making this manga. If I had to choose a favorite yoai this one would be in the running for it. I wish it was updated more often ;)



    It's alright

    07.29.15 0

    It is an okay read if you are bored. It's a psychological yaoi (don't expect graphic sex scenes) about a 30 year old male who has sex for the first time and dealing with his emotions of being in love for the first time and the fear of possibly loosing that relationship.