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U Don't Know Me

Price: $9.00
Dimensions: 180 mm × 127 mm × 18 mm
Weight: 240 g


Seyun and Yoojin have been best friends ever since they were little children. One day, Seyun's family moves away and the boys vow to remain friends no matter what. Now years later, they attend separate high schools. Seyun has grown into an aloof and mysterious teen while Yoojin has become a star athlete on the judo team. Through thick and thin their friendship endured, but now something new threatens their bond. Seyun has developed feelings for Yoojin, feelings that go beyond friendship. And their lives and personalities couldn't be more opposite. Little do they realize that even though you know someone your entire life, they can still manage to hid dark secrets in their closets, secrets that can twist a knife into your heart.
List Price: $11.99
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