• The Maid and the Vampire 4 Free

    Dolce Yi / Yujeong Ju / Seon Lee Romance · 41 Chapters · 11.11.19
    158 Reviews

    The thrilling fantasy romance between the girl who has fallen into a strange world after a sudden car accident and the one and only vampire duke in the world!

  • Prince Bari 2 Free

    Solanine / Maki BL · 72 Chapters · 11.11.19
    54 Reviews

    A celebrated shaman with a lazy spirit encounters a CEO client who came with a much powerful spirit stuck to him.

  • Prince Bari - Side Stories

    Solanine / Maki BL · 8 Chapters · Completed
    7 Reviews

    An evil spirit sneaks into Yohan's room while Yoonsung is on a business trip to China. Yohan is bewildered by Yoonsung's aggressive(?) approach in his wildest dreams!

  • The Warehouse Event 2 Free

    Killa+Whale BL · 13 Chapters · 11.12.19
    30 Reviews

    Sungho, a scar-faced kidnapper, touches Dohyun’s body as if he knew it was going to happen between the two… Now Dohyun must remember every moment of their interaction, every touch of his skin.

  • The Warehouse - YA Edition 2 Free

    Killa+Whale BL · 13 Chapters · 11.12.19
    5 Reviews

    Sungho, a scar-faced kidnapper, touches Dohyun’s body as if he knew it was going to happen between the two… Now Dohyun must remember every moment of their interaction, every touch of his skin.

  • On the Emperor's Lap 4 Free

    USOI / Yujeong Ju / Miran Lee Romance · 12 Chapters · 11.12.19
    29 Reviews

    Kiris embraces Bella, a girl he once abandoned, now has been forgotten. Maybe it is too late when he’d found her again. Will she get over past hurts and believe in love again, when there is too much damage done?

  • To Catch a Falling Star 3 Free

    Mina Jeong BL · 31 Chapters · 09.24.19
    2 Reviews

    A thrilling fantasy that transcends the time and space of two men and a nine tailed fox!

  • Korean Cooking 46 Free

    Jee-ook Choi Drama · 46 Chapters · Completed
    7 Reviews

    Learn to cook most popluar Korean dishes with this Free webtoon!

  • Dokebi Cafe 3 Free

    Yunhee Lee / Yunjeong Kim Fantasy · 65 Chapters · 11.13.19
    12 Reviews

    Gangeun is a poster girl for bad luck. She encounters a strange "boy" named Mooyoung in front of a new cafe. Who is this mysterious creature in the form of a boy?

  • It's Not Love 1 Free

    Youngran Lee BL · 86 Chapters · 11.13.19
    17 Reviews

    It's simply passion and sexual desire. A firework that will soon die out. It's not love--!

  • Visiting Korea 19 Free

    Daeyong Shin / Yongjin Park Web Comic · 19 Chapters · 11.13.19
    5 Reviews

    Learn about places to visit Korea. This webtoon takes you to places and activities you will want to go and experience if you ever visit Korea.

  • Biting The Tiger Up 5 Free

    Mindal Park BL · 22 Chapters · 11.14.19
    42 Reviews

    Hanwool is a mythical tiger whose duty is to guide the deceased. One day, he happens to bump into Yunho and intrigued by his sweet scent.

  • A Good Day to Go Crazy Up 2 Free

    yusa BL · 38 Chapters · 11.14.19
    33 Reviews

    The TV star showed up and changed everything!

  • Specter Wars 5 Free

    Youngoh Kim Action · 56 Chapters · 01.31.19
    8 Reviews

    It's the end of 20th century, when Chosun dynasty was about to collapse. Powerful nations surrounding the country are vigilantly awaiting an opportunity to invade it. But the government is corrupt and incompetent. Specters long held underground are set loose by someone.

  • KPOP Idol 21 Free

    Jungmin Kim Comedy · 21 Chapters · Completed
    1 Reviews

    Members of KPOP Idol magazine are struggles to keep their publication going admist declining subscribers. They decide to cover all kinds of interesting facts about KPOP Idol scene for potential readers who may not be familiar to Idol culture. The project brings out the innermost otaku nature of the staff members. Will they be able to attract more KPOP fans to keep their magazine alive?

  • The Keystone Romantic Combination 5 Free

    Yuni Lim / Teava / TEAL BL · 12 Chapters · 11.08.19
    17 Reviews

    Youngjun’s life’s been all about comparing himself with the Baseball Genius, Hyun; who totally set the standards for Yongjun’s baseball life 7 years ago. Although this time, Youngjun can’t take his eyes off of him, and Hyun has never left. After all, they are the Keystone Romantic Combo.

  • Collide 4 Free

    Wann Romance · 116 Chapters · 11.08.19
    94 Reviews

    Joy is now the target of supernatural powers due to her generic trait. Moowon, a top class supernatural agent, is sent to protect Joy.

  • Living with The Wizard 2 Free

    Morim Kang Romance · 42 Chapters · 11.08.19
    5 Reviews

    The RPG romance between a wizard and an intern

  • I Have a Boyfriend 3 Free

    PIBI BL · 38 Chapters · 11.08.19
    56 Reviews

    A campus love story that is more lovely because it's clumsy!