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  • Dreams of the Days

    Kyungha Yi $15.00

    Compilation of 3 doujinshi from Kyungha Yi, the author of Intense.

  • Intense Vol. 4

    Kyungha Yi $15.00

    Trying to force a resolution, Soohan does the most reckless thing possible...he challenges Yoonshik to his face. 

  • Intense Vol. 3

    Kyungha Yi $15.00

    Desperate to save his lover, Soohan journeys to his side and quietly joins the mafia.

  • Intense Vol. 2

    Kyungha Yi $15.00

    Soohan stuns Jiwoon by speaking for the very first time, and Jiwoon learns the young man's tragic history with his parents. 

  • Intense Vol. 1

    Kyungha Yi $15.00

    The mafia banishes Jiwoon Kang to live in a secluded red light district among struggling prostitutes, dirty street thugs, and shady drug dealers. 

  • His House Vol. 3

    Hajin Yoo $20.00

    Gangyoo desperately wishes to begin living his "happily ever after", but a strange distance remains between the two lovers.

  • His House Vol. 2

    Hajin Yoo $20.00

    Gradually, Gangyoo develops feelings for the handicapped man, but Soohyun keeps his secretive thoughts to himself. 

  • His House Vol. 1

    Hajin Yoo $20.00

    To survive on the streets, Gangyoo hires himself out to homely women in desperate need of a pretend boyfriend.

  • Sweet Blood Vol. 6

    Seyoung Kim $9.00

    Sweet Blood Vol. 6

  • The Prince

    Niccolò Machiavelli (Author), Morim Kang (Author, Illustrator) $20.00

    The Prince

  • Dining Bar Akira

    Tomoko Yamashita $9.00

    Dining Bar Akira

  • Merry Family Plan

    Sumitomo Morozumi $9.00

    Merry Family Plan

  • Love Full of Scars

    Delico Psyche $9.00

    Love Full of Scars

  • Black-Winged Love

    Tomoko Yamashita $9.00

    Black-Winged Love

  • Sweet Blood Vol. 5

    Seyoung Kim $9.00

    Sweet Blood Vol. 5

  • Sweet Blood Vol. 4

    Seyoung Kim $9.00

    Sweet Blood Vol. 4


  • Sweet Blood Vol. 3

    Seyoung Kim $9.00

    Sweet Blood Vol. 3

  • Sweet Blood Vol. 2

    Seyoung Kim $9.00

    Sweet Blood Vol. 2